Wednesday, October 17, 2012

Summer happened! It was hotter more days this summer than any summer that I can remember. I usually look forward to the nice hot days, but it was a wee bit much this year. Whew! Fall appears to be here. Grandkids are back in school, Awana clubs are going strong, our church's ladies retreat is this weekend. We are all very busy doing what we do.

Thursday, May 3, 2012

Malcham Graduates!

We are so very happy to see our youngest, Malcham, graduate from our local junior college, OJC. He graduated with honors, receiving his Associate of Arts with a 4.0 GPA.

Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Resurrection Sunday 2012

This year we decided to have a "King Thing" at our home in the afternoon of Easter Sunday (My maiden name is King). First,we enjoyed a breakfast at our church with our church family, then a full service of singing, and hearing about Jesus' sacrifice for our sins, death, and glorious resurrection from the dead. It was a very nice morning!
In the afternoon, we were able to visit and share dinner with my sister, Karlene, and her husband, Calvin McKean; my brother, Robert, and his wife and son, Jan and Jodie; and my brother, Craig, his wife, Susan; and two of his children, Jonathon and Jeremy, and Jeremy's wife and children, Missy, Jacob, January, Jade, and Justin. Our three children were there also. Malcham, and Mary with her boys, Zephaniah, Austin, and Ethan, and Tim with his wife and children, Joy, Mark, and Stephanie. We had a very pleasant day. Praise the Lord for family and friends!

Monday, December 26, 2011

Pictures that go with Christmas letter

2011 Christmas Letter, minus pictures

Dear family & friends, Christmastime, 2011
This year has been a year full of “Hellos” and “Goodbyes.” We were able to say “Hello to two new grandchildren: Lydia Hope Valiante and Cadence Abigail Muth. They allowed for the number of our living grandchildren to increase to fourteen! It was nice to be able to visit them and their families (Esther flew out to Pennsylvania in May and to Michigan in October). We said “Goodbye” to Malcham in July when he officially moved out of our home to Pueblo to eventually attend CSU there. He has just recently moved to La Junta to finish college at OJC, but is, again, in his own apartment. We still see him often as he works here when he is able. Sadly, Richard had to say “Goodbye” to one of his friends, Tom Jenkins, earlier this year (Tom’s memorial service was in May). We got to say “Hello” to Laurie and Michaela Heggenstaller when they came to visit us in July. That was definitely a highlight. Then, just this month we had to say “Goodbye” to Richard’s oldest brother, Albert Muth. His funeral was very honoring to God and Albert. Many people reminisced about “Old Reliable #10” a name he acquired by attending so many farm auctions in the area. He will be missed by not only family, but many friends as well.
The Lord has provided many customers and sales to keep our farm machinery business thriving as well as welding projects for our employees to work on. We are thankful for this opportunity to serve the community.
Anna and Tom Parker have moved to 2674 Colorade Avenue, North Port, FL 34286. Tom is now working with Young Life in the Charlotte Harbor area of Florida. This coming summer, Tom will be helping at a Young Life Camp in Buena Vista, Colorado, so perhaps we will get to see the whole family sometime in July. Christian (14 years old) is staying with Tom’s parents in Indiana for this school year. He really enjoys hanging out with Papa as he oversees the building of their new house. Karissa (10 years old) is enjoying her new pet hamsters. Bryce (4 years old) is learning to swim and gets to go with Anna to work, occasionally.
Tim and Joy are serving the Lord as youth pastor and Awana Commander of our church and working for his dad, here at Muth Welding Service. He is also very much involved with Camp Salvation. Joy has the privilege of homeschooling their children. Mark (10 years old) and Stephanie (8 years old) are growing and learning to be used by God to be lights shining for Him.
Sarah and Tim Valiante have bought a house at 271 Old Greenwood Road, Millville, PA, 17846. Tim has done quite a bit of remodeling to make this their home. He continues to be the Pastor at Emmanuel Baptist Church. Sarah has been doing Bible studies with a few church ladies, and recently, started to do part-time secretarial work at the church. Micah (4 years old) and Kiersten (3 years old) are still learning and growing like crazy! Lydia Hope was born March 15th. It was such a delight to visit them after the birth of Lydia. The children play so nicely together and sing sweet praises to God on a regular basis.
Mary has been able to visit two of her far-away siblings this year. In March, during spring break (while her boys were with their dad), she flew to Pennsylvania to be with Sarah to help. The Valiante family had moved into their new home just the week before Lydia was born. Her help was very much appreciated. To end up her summer, after working two separate weeks at Camp Salvation as cook/then counselor, she flew off to Midland, Michigan to spend some time with Michael and Jenny’s family. Mary was thrilled to get to play with the boys, pick blueberries, visit with Jenny’s parents, go to the zoo, and spend quality time visiting Michael and Jenny. Back home, she continues taking care of our household, helping/teaching in children’s church and Directing Cubbies in our Awana program at church. She is also our church’s main janitor. Zephaniah (soon to be 15) is now in 9th grade at Swink School; Austin (11 years old) is in 4th grade, and Ethan (9 years old) attends 3rd grade. They all enjoy playing video games, and watching movies, as well as just being “boys” as they play. Zeph is enrolled in driver’s education. Mary is looking forward to having him help with driving.
Michael and Jenny are in charge of the junior high Sunday school class at their church as well as the junior high youth ministry which meets during their church’s Awana Clubs time on Monday nights. Michael continues to work in construction. Jenny is still doing her Pampered Chef business as well as making weekly trips to an Amish farm to pick up milk, dairy products, and produce when in season. Aaron (5 years old) and Evan (3 years old) continue to learn and grow. They welcomed their baby sister, Cadence Abigail (born September 5th at home), with open arms.
Malcham finished his first year at Otero Junior College with a 4.0 grade average. He worked part time for our business as much as his busy schedule would permit. In July, as I mentioned before, he moved out to see what it would be like to be “on his own.” Then, he headed for Camp Salvation to be the Game Director. From what I understand, he did a wonderful job. I think he was pretty tired after working for four weeks straight (that also included a trip to Denver to witness the wedding of camp friends). He then headed off to Pueblo to unsuccessfully find a job before classes started at Colorado State University – Pueblo. He did pretty well in his classes for this past semester, but has decided to finish this year of college back at OJC. Now his residence is 2307 Belleview Apt. 202, La Junta, CO 81050. We’re glad that he will be able to work at Muth Welding Service once again.
We (Richard and Esther) are still involved with church activities. Richard is deacon and Awana leader; Esther teaches Sunday School, leads in Awana Clubs, is treasurer, and plays the organ and/or piano. We are very thankful for the blessings which God has brought into our lives. We hope and pray that each of you will have a relationship with our Savior, Jesus Christ, for it is in Him that we have the hope of eternal life. Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!

Richard and Esther Muth, and Mary, Zeph, Austin, and Ethan Pope

“This is the day the LORD has made; let us rejoice and be glad in it.” Psalm 118:24

Merry Christmas!

We had a wonderfully blessed Christmas yesterday. It all included sleeping in a little, opening presents, breakfast, church services, turkey dinner, and lots of visiting with our family. We (the six of us living here) were joined by son, Malcham, and son, Tim, and his family (Joy, Mark, and Stephanie). We got calls from other children and their families and got to Skype with Anna and her family (Tom, Christian, Karissa, and Bryce) who were visiting with his folks in Indiana. Nice!

Wednesday, December 7, 2011

Time sure does fly. It seems so hard to take time to post anything, but I love hearing about others. Here are a few pictures from when I got to visit Michael and Jenny in October.